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New layout and Crime story update #1


So yes as the icon states I should be writing (or revising for my test in two weeks) but as I had such a good novel-planning day yesterday I thought I would just jott down a few notes for myself and anyone who is interested.

I am currently working on my protagonist, Arataki Murrow, who is from Bluff, New Zealand and now resides in Christchurch.

My murder is going to take place just before the Christchurch earthquake. It may have something to do with a murder for hire, insurance and I am not sure what else as yet.

I got a book called Writing and Plotting Your Mystery Novel by Hallie Ephron, which has a template for planning the novel, which is what I am going through at the moment.

Authors note: As you can see I have changed the layout and sidebar. As this journal will be for me to bitch about being a writer, if you wish to see my non-bitch writings check out www.librarygeekgirl.org